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stopCancerRainbows and Smiles was started by an oncology mom after the death of her only son in 2011. Jed was the inspiration behind this small and personal voluntary association. The objective of this charity is to provide assistance in the form of emotional, social and financial support to families and caregivers in need when a child is diagnosed with cancer.

In South Africa 1 in 600 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. It is sadly estimated that less than 50% of our precious children are diagnosed early enough, or at all, for the effective treatment. If childhood cancer was diagnosed earlier, our survival rates could reach up to 70%.

Rainbows aims to provide resources to ensure that every child has the right to life. Each member within the team of Rainbows has either lost a child to cancer or has a surviving child. It is a non-government funded organisation filled with love, dedication and passion.

You can read more about them at www.rainbowsandsmiles.org.za

We will continue collecting throughout December and the early part of January and will plan a formal hand over at one of our morning runs in January. Watch this space…

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