This process is achieved by eating a low-carbohydrate diet. Our bodies need glucose to function and most of it comes from carbohydrates. When you take carbs out of the equation and glucose isn’t availalbe, our bodies start using fat for energy. This is accompanied by the release of ketones (from fatty acids and some amino acids) by the liver. When the levels of ketones are elevated, your body is in a state of ketosis.

Start by including a 1 DAY carb free day with recipes so that you can see you can function quite normally and not go hungry. The importance is that you consume the right amount of kj’s which for you would be 5000 to 5600. The eating plan is based on 80gr carbs. IF you’re able to do a minimum of 3 days of no carb that would be great and then slowly re-introduce 10gr of carbs a day for 1 week then 20gr the following day and so on. You may find 80gr carb is too much, you can stop on 50gr if you feel that’s where you should be.


Daniela Papini
Durban North Diet Clinic
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