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Join our group of 790+ runners and walkers for a morning run.

Regent Harriers is an informal running group unparalleled in the world. With the fundamental aim of being a Comrades Ultra-Marathon Training ground, but in the latter years attracting runners and walkers of all pedigrees, it is a group whose common goal is to keep fit and to do so while most “ordinary humans” are still tucked up snuggly in bed!

The importance of Massage Therapy

Why make massage therapy a regular part of your health plan

Having run pretty much all my life, I can personally advocate regular massage treatments for injury prevention and happier healthier muscles that will perform optimally. The moment I neglect this vital step of training, [...]

Why do we get out of bed so early to run?

The benefits of early morning runs

Why do we get out of bed so early to run? So often my (non running) friends ask why we choose to run at such a ridiculous time of the day...  What is it that [...]

Running Timetable

Regent Runs

A big advantage of the group is that inexperienced runners can gather a wealth of information from more experienced athletes, who are all too happy to share their knowledge. “The group is so diverse, from [...]

Sports Recovery by PRIME

Sports Recovery

Exercise at all intensities acts to place stress on energy stores, hormones and the musculoskeletal structures. The more intense the exercise is, the greater the stress (and damage) that the body is subjected to. Recovery is [...]

Water Anyone?

  • KWIKSPAR Glenore & Tops@Glenore

Water Anyone?

From desperately needing water to fill up our dams a few short months ago, to having roads turned into rivers as a result of the massive storm that rumbled over Durban recently. Feast or [...]

Metabolic flexibility

Metabolic flexibility

I love the term metabolic flexibility and I believe it is what all Athletes should be striving for.  The term sums up the use of using both Fat and Glucose as tools in your [...]

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough”
-Og Mandino

Physical Address

Corner of Adelaide Tambo Drive and Swapo Road, Durban North, South Africa